Symetrix - More than Just a DSP

High quality Audio with a built in Control System


These wall-mounted, mic/line, Dante-enabled endpoints include an ultra-high performance audio signal path utilizing the same studio-grade mic preamps and AD/DA signal chain as our top-of-the-line DSP. The result is best-in-class clarity, intelligibility, and accuracy that maximizes performance of the entire system. 

Customizable LED Indicators

A front-panel RGB LED for each connector can be programmed to reflect any system parameter such as signal presence, clip, mute, or preset. Or they can easily be blacked-out.

Unmatched Design and Construction

We agonized over every detail to create a truly professional solution for the most demanding projects. A raised bezel and proprietary thumb notch ease connector attachment and removal. The vertically oriented network port is accompanied by an integrated stress-release attachment point and the elegant Decora-compatible faceplate snaps into place without visible screws.

Each xIO XLR is rugged to the core, constructed of die-cast zinc. The design incorporates a unique XLR mounting method that protects internal components and electronics.

Sleek Control Buttons

Integrated buttons are flush with the faceplate and can control any function of the system.

In combination, the bright indicators and control buttons allow for rapid, on-site diagnostics and management of a system.

Flexible and Simple Deployment

The product is available in four models that can be matched to any need, simplify set-up, and deliver a sophisticated look and feel in premium light and dark finishes.

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5' 7' and 10' User Customisable  Interfaces

The T-series leverages the award-winning SymVue graphic user interface authoring technology, allowing control screens to be created, tested, and simulated before being deployed. Multiple pages, custom controls, backgrounds, logos and more can be created quickly and easily.

Multi-Lingual Control Screens

Control Screens can be designed with any language and font, empowering designers to create perfect designs for their target users in their native language.

License Free

A variety of screens can be quickly designed using Symetrix Composer and SymVue software, then exported to a system. There are no additional licensing fees for deploying multiple control screens.

Compact and Easy to Power

Symetrix touchscreens fit in any US or Euro double-gang receptacle and are designed to fit with any decor. There is no need for external power supplies, since Symetrix touchscreens are powered over Ethernet.

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