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01: Introduction and Basic Site File Design

This introductory training video covers basic site file design within SymNet Composer. The following concepts / features will be explained:
-Site View and Design View
-Adding Labels
-Adding Modules to the Design
-Selecting, Moving and Modifying Modules
-Smart Select Modes
-Working with Wire Segments, and Wiring Multiples

02: Improving Site Files

In this video, we will help you to optimise the DSP resource usage and improve the visual appearance of your site file. The following concepts / features will be covered:
- DSP Usage and Associated Meters
- Mono, Dual-mono and Stereo modules
- Creating Custom Super Modules
- Editing Super Modules
- Pre-configured Super Modules! Tools and Toys...

03: Tips and Tricks

This video will help new users become more competent getting around inside SymNet Composer. Concepts / features covered include:
- Keyboard / Mouse Navigation Shortcuts
- Manipulating Module Windows
- Managing Screen Layouts
- The Browser View
- Building tech control screens

04: Establishing System Control
Coming Soon...
05: Working With Controller Numbers - 3rd Party Control
Coming Soon...
06: Working With Presets
Coming Soon...
07: Programming ARC Remotes
Coming Soon...