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Our Projects

Deakin pavt


We set up a video conference between two rooms in the centre. One of the university’s AV team went down the hall to talk to me from as close as he could get to the Beamformer array, then walked around the room, until he was all but whispering into a corner near the coffee station. Throughout, the level remained stable and the response was always highly intelligible.  The BeamFormer can’t bend the rules of physics to breaking point, and naturally there’s an audible lift in the noise floor and  you  can  hear  more  of  the  room  the  more distant you are from the microphone array… but it’s remarkably good.

Download the full article here


Canberra’s C3 Watson has moved into its brand new, purpose built facility. Getting the best audio, visual and lighting system for the church’s budget was the priority as James Ling from Worship AVL discovers. Canberra’s C3 Watson is typical of a modern contemporary Christian church. It has a high standard of musicianship, and a genuine desire for strong production values. Having previously been meeting in a school gymnasium and experiencing all of the limitations that entails – such as weekly setup and pull down, poor acoustics and lots of ambient light – the C3 Watson team was very much ready to flex its creative muscles in a custom built and designed environment.

Eaw Pavt


Chadstone, Sydney & Brisbane Shopping Centres came alive with the sound of QX in December. Gary Oliver & Chris Gauci’s Corporate Initiatives (CI Asia) delivered the perfect combination of EAW QX series, SBK150 Subwoofers, Powersoft K2′s & Symetrix Radius to provide the highest in quality and controlled audio system to accompany their giant video wall.In such a high-profile and highly challenging environment, the EAW QX lives up to the Chadstone demands, providing the precise directivity required, in a fashionable and powerful cabinet. Consisting of 4 x 12″ LF Phase Aligned Drivers and Co-Axial MF & HF drivers, the EAW’s were fine tuned in the early hours of the morning across all sites, with the all-too-happy security and cleaning staff receiving great pleasure in experiencing the 136 dB (RMS) output the QX can impart.


Discovery Church has set a new standard for audio precision and excellence in the House of Worship market. The first of three stage-upgrades was recently completed, which now delivers controlled, high-quality audio for the congregation. Based in Mount Evelyn, one of Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, Discovery Church is one of Melbourne’s largest churches, with 1,700 people attending services each Sunday. PAVT’s Ben Clarke worked with the production team from Discovery Church and Paul Tucker from Mosaix Integrated, to blend the EAW QX & KF series loudspeakers, along with accompanying SB2001 Subwoofers and MicroWedge stage monitors.

Discovery pavt
Common room pavt


$50 million dollars was Crown Casino’s budget for redeveloping the West End side of this prestigious landmark – with new gaming, dining and entertainment spaces. There was one speaker brand that Crown and technology consultants Point of View (PoV) knew they could trust in their most stylish new Night Club / Lounge entertainment areas…EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works). Corporate Intelligence, who were awarded the contract to fit-out the areas with class leading technology, delivered the Merrywell & The Common Room solutions with precision. The Common Room, Modeled on the latest and funkiest bars in New York, has many remarkable features, such as the 200 inch screen behind the bar, DMX Stage Lighting and custom stage rigging.


These words were used by the General Manager of Ford Engineering, after ProAV Solutions-Vic transformed the Campbellfield Engineering Boardroom into arguably one of the most pristine conferencing environments in the world. Six Days a week, 8 hours a day, is the average time the leading Engineers at Ford Motors spend in that Boardroom designing some of Australia’s most popular vehicles, such as the Falcon sedan and utility, as well as the highly popular Territory SUV. Crucially, much of their time is consumed participating in conference calls with various other local and international assembly plants such as Geelong (VIC), Argentina, China, Germany, India and the United States.

Ford Motor Pavt