Deakin University: Beam Me Up!

It Really is Almost Like Magic!

Words By: Christopher Holder of Alchemedia

I was at the Deakin Management Centre (DMC) to hear ClearOne’s BeamFormer in action and after all of the introductory chit chat it was time: 

“So can I hear it in action?” 

We set up a video conference between two rooms in the centre. One of the university’s AV team went down the hall to talk to me from as close as he could get to the Beamformer array, then walked around the room, until he was all but whispering into a corner near the coffee station. Throughout, the level remained stable and the response was always highly intelligible.  The BeamFormer can’t bend the rules of physics to breaking point, and naturally there’s an audible lift in the noise floor and  you  can  hear  more  of  the  room  the  more distant you are from the microphone array... but it’s remarkably good. 

“Sounds amazing. What’s it like with a room full of people talking?” 

We  were  about  to  find  out,  as  some  of  the centre’s senior staff and a ClearOne representative all filed into the adjoining room. Again the clarity and the consistency of level was remarkable. Inviting unfettered communication without any jarring artefacts as a result of ducking or auto–mixing weirdness

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