EAW, Powersoft & Symetrix “Jingle-All-The-Way” to Chadstone for Christmas

Chadstone, Sydney & Brisbane Shopping Centres came alive with the sound of QX in December. 
Gary Oliver & Chris Gauci’s Corporate Initiatives (CI Asia) delivered the perfect combination of EAW QX series, SBK150 Subwoofers, Powersoft K2′s  & Symetrix Radius to provide the highest in quality and controlled audio system to accompany their giant video wall.

In such a high-profile and highly challenging environment, the EAW QX lives up to the Chadstone demands, providing the precise directivity required, in a fashionable and powerful cabinet. Consisting of 4 x 12″ LF Phase Aligned Drivers and Co-Axial MF & HF drivers, the EAW’s were fine tuned in the early hours of the morning across all sites, with the all-too-happy security and cleaning staff receiving great pleasure in experiencing the 136 dB (RMS) output the QX can impart.  The Powersoft K2 DSP+AESOP, (One K2 per QX, Biamp’ed) not only presents a potential 1,950w p/ch (8ohm) in a compact 1RU 8kg unit, but crucially provides Power Factor Correction (PFC) for extremely low mains consumption in a venue that on average runs 10hrs a day, 7 days a week….all year round.

The K2 DSP+AESOP amounts to a fully integrated, highly sophisticated power amplifier that includes state-of-the-art sound shaping and system management capabilities.

Signal Routing…..Dynamic Ambient SPL Monitoring…..Redundant Switching………ENTER - Symetrix Radius 12×8 with DANTE Virtual Soundcard!

Symetrix provides a direct Dante audio link from the installed MAC Video Playback with ”Videro Digital Signage” using the DANTE Virtual Soundcard, and with the 2-Port Gigabit Switch built-in to the Radius, a redundant second MAC is always on standby.

Quote from Chris Gauci – Technical Director Corporate Initiatives  ”This difficult audio environment in a large shopping centre, was a first for Corporate Initiatives. But with the assistance of PAVT, we were able to design and install the perfect audio system within this acoustically complex environment. We had to have the right audio level covering just the right public space, without impeding on any of the shop spaces very close by. The Ambient noise sensing took quite a bit of calibration to perfect, but the customer is ecstatic with the final result across all sites.”