Meet the PAVT team:

Graeme Stevenson - MD

Managing Director Graeme's passions are "Loud" and "Fast" - ideally at the same time, which is usually satisfied by a big V8. When he's not racing around at Production Audio he's doing laps in his restored Ford race car.

First Album: Suzi Quattro - Can the Can

Hot Beverage of Choice: White Coffee

Adriana Wightman - Admin 

Adriana is PAVT's Management Assistant, OH&S Officer and HR Manager, all rolled into one! 

First Album: New Kids on the Block - New Kids on the Block

Hot Beverage of Choice: Chocolate Mocha

Amanda Moor - Admin

Amanda takes care of all financial matters - including payroll, which makes her a very special person indeed...  

First Album Purchased: Bananarama - Bananarama

Hot Beverage of Choice: Latte

Ben Clarke - Technical

Ben looks after the technical support department and is our Rational Acoustics SMAART trainer.

First Album: Michael Jackson - Thriller

Hot Beverage of Choice: Flaming Sambuca!

Dave Bunn - Technical  

Dave supports our live sound and House of Worship customers.

First Album: The Living End - The Living End

Hot Beverage of Choice: Hot Chocolate

Dave DiMuzio - Technical


Dave is our certified ClearOne trainer and conferencing expert who has been hands-on in dealing with conferencing environments for nearly 20 years. 

First Album: Kiss - Unmasked

Hot Beverage of Choice: Short Black with shot of Liquor

Dave Watson - Sales

Dave's calling is to our customers in the House of Worship market.  He is also our main man in Sydney

First Album: Beatles - Greatest Hits

Hot Beverage of Choice: Black Coffee

Dennis Wickstead - Sales

Dennis looks after Production Audio's operation in New Zealand.

First Album: Earth Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits

Hot Beverage of Choice: Black Tea with Honey

Richard Bakunowicz - Sales


Richard has been in the audio industry for over 30 years and is a member of the sales team providing product information, pricing & advice.

First Album: Hey! Hey! It's Daryl and Ossie

Hot Beverage: Tea.. Hot, Strong and Sweet

Erin Powell - Service Manager

Erin is our dedicated Service Manager who looks after all our customer's repairs, post sales technical inquiries and support.

First Album: DEVO - Live Mini LP

Hot Beverage of Choice: Mandura Tea

Jasmine Soo - Admin

Jasmine processes all of your orders and makes sure that there is lots of wonderful gear in our warehouse ready to go. 

First Album: Spice Girls - Spice

Hot Beverage of Choice: Soy Chai Latte

Angela Gabert - Admin


Angela is our all-rounder person who handles everything from sales inquiries to order processing, logistics and administration.

First Album: Bay City Rollers - Once Upon a Star

Hot Beverage of Choice: Latte

Chub Paizs - Sales

Chub is the go-to person for product information and pricing.

First Album: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Hot Beverage of Choice: Hot Chocolate

Brad DADLEY - Warehouse MANAGER

Brad lives in the warehouse in a realm of boxes and bubble wrap.
He makes sure that everything arrives to you in perfect condition.

First Album Purchased: Tame Impala - Tame Impala EP

Hot Beverage of Choice: Strong Coffee 

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