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01: Introduction to Converge Pro

This introductory video will familiarise you with the ClearOne Converge Console software, used for programming ClearOne Converge Pro audio DSPs. Topics covered include:
-Establishing a new site file
-Navigating the GUI views
-Labelling unit I/O to simplify matrix views
-Adding matrix routes to the mixer

02: Connecting to a Converge Pro System

This video will help you to connect ClearOne Converge Console software to Converge Pro hardware.
Topics covered include:
-Setting device IDs on hardware units
-Pushing a new site file to hardware
-Connecting to and pulling a site file from hardware

03: Configuring Mics in a Converge Pro System

This video will help you to connect microphones to ClearOne Converge Pro systems.
Topics covered include:
-How to establish proper gain structure for signals within Converge Pro
-Assigning processing to microphone channels, including:
-AEC and NLP
-Noise Cancelling
-Filters (Equalisation)

04: Using The Converge Pro Automixer

This video outlines the automixer features inside ClearOne Converge Pro systems, and provides guidance as to the appropriate use of each.
Features covered include:
-Ambient level tracking
-Gate settings: Gate Ratio, Hold Time, Off Attenuation and Decay Rate.
-PA Adaptive Mode
-Chairman Override
-Gating groups:
-First Mic Priority
-Max. Mics
-Last Mic Mode

05: Understanding Acoustic Echo Cancellation

This video provides a simple explanation of how acoustic echo occurs in conference systems, and how an acoustic echo canceller - or AEC - attempts to eliminate it. If you've ever wondered what makes an AEC processor tick, the moving parts are outlined and the operation is explained in detail.

Click Here for a dropbox link to the audio demonstration mentioned in the video

06: Troubleshooting an Acoustic Echo Canceller
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07: Configuring the Converge Pro AEC
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08: The Converge Pro Expansion Bus
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09: Configuring the Beamforming Microphone Array
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